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When to Contact a Work Injury Lawyer

In the enormous city of Chicago, thousands of workers sustain labor injuries each day. The vast majority of these are so insignificant that they do not require treatment and therefore are not reported. On other occasions, the injuries are a little more severe, but fear of repercussions and ignorance of the law makes them go unreported. Lastly, only a fraction of reported injuries are approved by workers’ compensation insurance.

Workers’ Compensation Benefits Insurance

You should know that the insurance was created to quickly compensate workers who have an accident at work, regardless of who was negligent. In Illinois, workers are entitled to 2/3 of their weekly salary taking into account the average of the last 52 weeks worked. If you suffered an injury or accident while you were working, you should report the accident, incident, or injury right when it happens. Also, you should report an illness caused at work such as hearing loss or carpal tunnel.

When to Hire a Work Injury Lawyer

The best thing is to hire a work injury lawyer at the time you sustain an injury or if the injury came about due to your work, to ensure that your case goes well from the start. Better results are obtained when the process is begun correctly than when errors are corrected.

Begin with a free consultation so your case can be evaluated. If this consultation is satisfactory, the lawyer will facilitate and simplify the process of workers’ compensation benefits recovery. Usually, you will be referred to doctors who are specialized in this type of injuries. They not only know the best treatments possible, but they also know how to complete the required forms.

On the other hand, the work injury lawyers will contact all the agencies and people involved so that they know you have legal representation and should contact them directly. This indicates to them that now you have someone expert in the field to protect your interests and use all legal remedies so that you obtain the remuneration and benefits you deserve. They will begin to fill out the required forms to ensure that you begin to receive benefits as soon as possible. The process is complicated and on top of that, you are injured. It’s best to let experts fight for your rights while you recover.

Lastly, work injury lawyers will determine if a third party is at least partially liable for your accident. The faster you contact and hire a lawyer, the less risk you run that the records pertinent to the accident disappear, the witnesses forget key details, and the statute of limitations keeps you from establishing a claim.

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