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When to Contact an Employment Lawyer for a Work Injury

In our litigious society, there are specialist lawyers in different branches of law. If you suffer an injury or work accident, someone will most likely tell you to consult a lawyer, although it isn’t necessary. For example, suppose that while performing your job you get your fingers stuck in a drawer, or you scratch your hand so lightly that you do not need medical attention. After a few seconds or minutes of waiting for the pain to go away, you continue your work without any more issues. In these cases, you would not benefit from contacting an employment lawyer. However, let’s discuss some reasons for which you should request legal assistance.

When Is Contacting an Employment Lawyer’s Office Recommended?

  1. The injury occurred at work: The injury is considered to have happened at work not only if you are performing your job at that moment, but also if you are walking to the restroom or cafeteria of your office, or if you are in an accident outside the state of Illinois but you are traveling for work reasons.
  2. You are not an independent contractor: Independent contractors are not entitled to receive workers’ compensation benefits. The Workers’ Compensation department of Illinois defines independent contractors as those who control the hours they work, the clothing they use, and provide their own transportation and tools for work, among other things.
  3. The injury is severe enough to require medical attention and treatment: As a result of the injury, you feel pain or discomfort or have a fracture, amputation, or even suffer death.
  4. You must be absent from work to rest or receive therapy: Your attending physician prescribed rest and/or therapy as part of the treatment.
  5. You need to receive medical compensation: Under the workers’ compensation benefits insurance, you are entitled to receive payment for all medical expenses incurred to treat your injury.
  6. You may return to work but in a different capacity and your employer refuses to accommodate you: It is obvious that you may return to work but you need a chair or an ergonomic keyboard and your boss refuses.
  7. You fear being the victim of retaliation for claiming Workers’ Compensation benefits: Employers are forbidden to fire or demote a worker just for claimed his or her benefits.
  8. You are the only one at fault for the labor injury: Workers’ Compensation benefits are no-fault. This means that you are entitled to receive compensation even if your negligence caused the injury.

Grupo MedLegal’s Accident Doctors and Lawyers

If after reading about the situations described above, you determine that one or more of one category describe your situation, you should turn to us, the accident doctors and lawyers at Grupo MedLegal, as soon as possible. We offer you a free consultation in the place of your choice once you complete our form or call us at 1-800-838-3838. We have been litigating tirelessly for decades so that our clients receive adequate compensation for work injuries. We have an office of excellent, humane, honest attorneys who believe in justice. Visit us at our website to get to know us better. You have the responsibility to your family to contact the best employment lawyers. Don’t leave for tomorrow what you can do today!

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