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Why hire Auto Accident Lawyers in California?

Good lawyers are known for their ability to manipulate laws, find loopholes and make incredible analogies that end up winning cases. A good lawyer is loyal, aggressive in your representation, has an agile mind, legal knowledge and the ability to persuade. The lawyers of the MedLegal group are that and much more. They have been established for decades in the city of Chicago and have an excellent reputation within the Hispanic community. His professionalism is admired by colleagues and judges. There are many benefits when you contact lawyers specialized in automobile accidents. Below we will illustrate some of them.

Mental Tranquility and Focus on your Recovery and Family.

The period following a car accident is very difficult. You feel sore, bewildered, frightened by your future and even helpless. You have to fill out different reports, seek medical help and deal with insurance companies and car repairs. Your life and that of your family suffer a difficult turnaround. Ask for help! We offer you a free consultation where it is most convenient, our office, your home or hospital and at any time. We are going to sit down with you to analyze all the details of the accident, and if we determine that you have a case, you will not have anything to worry about. From that moment, you will be able to concentrate on the most important thing, your recovery! The rest is ours.

Access to Excellent Medical Treatment.

Part of our services is to get in touch with our group of MedLegal doctors, specialized in the different injuries caused by car accidents. These doctors know the best places where you can treat yourself, the types of treatments to which you are entitled and the necessary language that must be included so that the insurance companies cover all the medical treatment to which you are entitled.

Search for All Categories by which You can Recover.

While you rest and recover, our lawyers at Grupo MedLegal scrutinize the insurance documents of the person who caused the accident, to determine under what categories you can recover money. In addition, they investigate if there are other people that should be included in the lawsuit, for example, the owner of the car if this was not the one who was driving and had knowledge or had lent his car. It is important to find all the persons or entities that the law assigns as responsible for the accidents, and all the relevant insurance policies to increase your remuneration.

You have no financial risk.

Legal demands are very expensive. Our Doctors and Accident Lawyers of Grupo MedLegal assume these expenses from the beginning and only recover it if you receive compensation. We retain the services of researchers and experts in different fields. We assume the legal expenses associated with the fees to be paid in court for filing suit and submitting different documents. Finally, our lawyers dedicate hours and hours of work in your case, whether it is writing legal documents, or depositions and conferences in court. Although unlikely, if you lose the case, we assume 100% financial loss.

Fiduciary duty.

All lawyers are regulated by a code of professional ethics that includes fiduciary duty. This means that all the decisions and procedures that the lawyer makes in your name, should have as sole objective your welfare. Our lawyers adhere to this code in an extraordinary manner. Nobody else offers you this level of loyalty. Even your insurance company has as a priority to save as much as possible to the insurance so that it never has losses. As much as you think he wants to help you, this is never the case and they pay the minimum, if they do not find some way to deny the claim.

Knowledge and Legal Experience.

All laws are complicated and difficult to apply. That’s why lawyers need 3 years in law schools, and many more in the profession to be successful.

This Blog is made available by Grupo MedLegal for informational purposes only and does not provide legal or medical advice. The information provided on the Blog should not be used as a substitute for competent legal or medical advice from a licensed professional.

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