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Why Not Handle a Disability Claim Yourself?

If you suffered a work accident or injury, you have the right to receive Workers’ Compensation benefits. These are granted to all workers even if they suffered the accident or injury due to their own negligence. These benefits are denied to independent contractors or workers who caused the accident intentionally or who were under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs. Although these regulations seem fairly simple, handling a disability claim without legal aid is not a good idea. You will have to notify your employer immediately after the accident. Then, you will have to complete required forms, visit doctors who will probably be assigned to you, and wait for the results and the resolution of your case. If you handle your own disability claim with a passive attitude, you probably receive less benefits and with more delays than when you have someone actively and relentlessly fighting for you.

10 Reasons to Hire a Disability Lawyer for Your Claim

  1. You receive specialized assistance in completing claim forms for the workers’ compensation insurance.
  2. You are assisted with using legal terminology and notifying in detail about how, where, and when the accident occurred.
  3. You are referred to doctors specializing in this type of injury if you are not satisfied with the doctor who is treating you.
  4. Your case is appealed if you were denied benefits when you applied for them on your own.
  5. All paperwork is completed before the statute of limitations prohibits you from claiming your rights.
  6. The case is thoroughly reviewed, together with the medical report, to determine which types of benefits you are entitled to and for how long.
  7. The possibility is explored for your close family to also have the right to receive part of the compensation benefits payment.
  8. It is determined if another person, besides your employer, is liable for the accident. In this case, a suit can be filed and the remuneration is greater.
  9. Your re-training and re-assigning in a new capacity is ensured if your disability is partial but permanent.
  10. If you were fired, a detailed analysis is made of the reasons given for the dismissal and if it can be determined that it was done in retaliation for having claimed compensation benefits, the necessary legal action will be taken.

Grupo MedLegal’s doctors are excellent physicians who are specialized in treating patients with labor injuries. When these doctors treat you, they use all the experience and specialized treatment to achieve a quick and complete recovery in cases where it is possible. However, if the injuries are severe enough that no type of treatment or intervention will cure you completely, they fill out the required medical forms with the medical language necessary for you to receive the maximum amount of benefits provided by law. On the other hand, MedLegal’s lawyers analyze in minute detail the cause of the accident. They help you to complete the required forms without letting you miss the legal deadline. Furthermore, they assure you that if another person or entity, such as the maintenance company or a machine manufacturer was partly liable for your accident, a lawsuit will be filed.

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