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Why You Should Hire a Lawyer for Defective Product Injuries

Each year, almost 34 million Americans suffer injuries due to products that are defective or in poor condition. Although these injuries may seem common, product liability claims require well-informed legal assistance.

If you were injured by a defective product, you need medical and legal help. Grupo MedLegal’s lawyers and doctors in New York City, New York are here to help you recover from your injury and obtain the compensation you deserve.

Are you thinking about filing a claim? Here are 10 reasons to hire a product liability lawyer:

  1. Large companies have many resources.

Companies that manufacture and create products have almost limitless resources to defend themselves. Their teams of lawyers can create mountains of paperwork that can be impossible for the average person to decipher. Don’t fight against a big company by yourself! Hire a lawyer who will help you to win.

  1. Companies will attack you.

Don’t expect the company that created the defective product to simply resolve your case. Typically, these companies will come up with a strong defense, blaming you for the incorrect use or abuse of the product.

  1. Your case could be part of a class action lawsuit.

If other people were hurt by the same defect, there may be existing claims against the company which you could join. If there is a collective claim pending, you may be obligated to join your case with the existing case. A lawyer can counsel you as to your legal options based on existing litigation.

  1. It can be difficult to determine who to sue.

Most products are not manufactured and sold by one sole entity. Depending on the facts of your case, it may be that you must determine who was at fault – the manufacturer, the distributor, the retailer, the repairperson, or another third company. A lawyer can investigate all parties who have responsibility for your injury, and will help you determine who to sue.

  1. You may have to sue a company in a foreign country.

When the manufacturer of a defective product is overseas, they are still responsible for the injuries caused in the United States. However, it can be difficult to navigate through the possible problems of international law without experienced legal assistance.

  1. You may have to fight against deadlines or warranties.

Sometimes, a defective product injures a person after the warranty has ended, or a statute of limitations has expired. A lawyer can help you to determine if there is any way to avoid these problems, and if you still have the option to file a claim.

  1. Lawyers have resources for investigating and managing your case.

In a defective product case, a lawyer must review scientific evidence, perform tests, and search among thousands of pages of documents to prove your case. The average person will sometimes not have the time or resources necessary to handle these issues.

  1. A defective product may be related to your work injury.

If you were injured at work by a defective product or machinery piece, your product liability claim may be related to other legal matters, such as workers’ compensation payments or a claim for personal injuries. Grupo MedLegal’s lawyers work with injured workers every day, and can help you obtain all the compensation you deserve after a work accident.

  1. You may protect others by making a claim.

The filing of a lawsuit obligates companies to assume responsibility when they create dangerous products. By following your case, you are helping to ensure that other people will not be injured in a similar way.

  1. There is no cost to you unless you win.

Our lawyers represent clients injured by defective products on a contingency fee basis. This means that if you were injured in New York City, New York, our lawyers will present your case at no cost to you, and you will only pay our fees if you win. This is why Grupo MedLegal will only represent cases that we believe we can win, and we will fight for you to receive the justice you deserve.

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