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Work Accident Compensation Cases in Milwaukee

In the city of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, as in many parts of the United States, work accidents inevitably occur. Here are some of the cases that we have handled in the last several months:

Work injury compensation: On December 11, while lifting a heavy container of food to store in the refrigerator, a chef’s assistant injured his mid-section. He reported his work accident, but his request for medical treatment was ignored by his employer.

Another case occurred on December 5, when a welder over-exerted himself while carrying some cabinets he was going to install and injured his hip.

Compensation for work-related health problems: On November 13, while moving several 750-pound barrels of honey, an employee developed a hernia in the groin. He reported his accident and was sent to the doctor, where he found out that surgery was needed.

Compensation for work accident: On December 16, a meat department worker at K-Mart cut his right index finger while slicing meat on the slicing machine. He was sent to the hospital, but they just stitched the wound and placed it in a cast. When he went to a follow-up appointment he discovered that they should have operated on him, and he will now need the surgery since he has lost mobility in his finger.

All of these individuals came to us for support in the resolution of their case. At Grupo MedLegal, we have a strong presence in the United States. Contact us and we will review your situation.

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