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Work Accident Compensation Cases in the United States

The United States is considered one of the most important world powers due to its high level of competitiveness and the large businesses and companies that contribute year after year to the country’s growth. Undoubtedly, one of the key factors for US success is its workforce. According to statistics from the World Bank, its economically active population is over 50% (161,048,950 people in 2014), so it comes as no surprise that with a large number of workers, accidents occur regularly. Grupo MedLegal has a strong presence in various parts of the country and has served many cases, such as the examples here:

Compensation for burn injury in the workplace: On September 29, a McDonald’s employee was injured when a co-worker accidentally spilled boiling oil on her back.

Compensation for repetitive motion injuries: After working for 13 years as a hotel housekeeper, an employee developed severe physical problems in her shoulder, as well as a hernia in her abdomen.

Another case involved an employee developing significant physical pain in her eyes, back, head, and fingers after working for 5 years in a laundry service. She reported her issues at work but was never sent to the doctor.

Workers’ compensation due to injury: After 12 years of working on her feet all day on a factory assembly line, an employee developed physical problems in her legs, back, and waist.

In October of 2013, a construction employee fractured his hip, wrist, hand, and foot and injured his back when a ladder he was standing on while working on a roof tilted and fell from a height of 20 feet. After two months of his employer not responding by sending him to the doctor through the company insurance, nor paying his proportional disability salary, he finally decided to seek support for his work accident.

Compensation for work accident: On December 16, a cleaning service employee was injured when a vacuum cleaner cord became entangled around her legs, causing her to trip and fall, injuring her shoulder, back, hand, and knee.

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