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Work Accident Injuries

All workers are at risk of suffering some type of accident or injury while carrying out their activities in a company. Obviously, there are lines of work that are far riskier than others, such as construction or manufacturing. Each year, thousands of workers suffer accidents that cause permanent injury, or even disable them from working for the rest of their life, such as dangerous falls, heavy machinery accidents, or injuries derived from excessive strain.

Regardless of the type of employment, immigration status, or social security that one has, ALL workers are protected by law, and are entitled to receive workers’ compensation benefits if they have been injured while working, whether or not they were at fault for the accident.

In the US, it is no secret that the Latino community is an important part of the work force, and many times these workers occupy the most physically demanding jobs, from construction, manufacturing, landscaping, custodial work, food service, elder care, and even agriculture. These are jobs that imply a greater risk of accidents, or that can cause physical strain to those who perform them over long periods of time.

However, many times, abusive employers take advantage of their employees’ fear or lack of information in order to avoid responsibility; failing to provide the proper security equipment to employees, or failing to grant the benefits workers are entitled to when there is an accident or injury in the workplace.

Not only can you demand medical treatment if you have suffered an accident; you can also demand it when you perform manual, repetitive, or strenuous labor. Physical pain commonly results from these activities. The law states that a person who has been performing the same physical activity day after day in a completely natural way may eventually suffer normal deterioration, which may cause discomfort or a physical or psychological problem.

What are the benefits you are entitled to, as a worker?

You are entitled to the medical care of your choice, paid by your employer’s insurance company; a percentage of your salary while you are unable to come to work; and a monetary compensation at the conclusion of the treatment you receive, for the permanent harm you have suffered.

These are some common accidents that may occur in the workplace:

Injuries commonly caused by accidents are fractures from falling from ladders, roofs, or scaffolding; muscular injuries from slips and falls; spine and back injuries from lifting heavy objects; amputation of fingers and hands from hazardous machinery; burns from the use of hot or corrosive substances; or cuts or lacerations from the use of sharp objects.

Some of the common physical maladies from performing repetitive work:

Back pain, herniated discs, carpal tunnel syndrome, neck pain, torn muscles, inflammation of tendons, joint pain, and nerve injuries.

Can you receive workers’ compensation if existing injuries worsen?

  • When you are hired for a job, you are accepted in your physician condition at that moment, even if you have a pre-existing injury or medical condition. If your current job has caused worsening of a previous injury, you are entitled to compensation since your injury is related with your present job.
  • If you suffer physical pain derived from your current job, or from one from which you have been fired, it’s important to act right away. Call Grupo MedLegal to get immediate assistance.

You can trust Grupo MedLegal to provide the support you need to ensure you receive all the benefits to which you are entitled and just compensation for your injuries. We will not only provide representation from an attorney with extensive experience in Workers’ Compensation, but we will also provide free medical attention from highly qualified physicians who work for your benefit.

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