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Worker’s Compensation Claim for Stress on the Job

Every job has its own type of stress. When the stress of your job causes physical injuries, you may be able to make a workers’ compensation claim.

Demonstrating that stress at work caused you a physical injury can be difficult without the appropriate legal and medical assistance. In Chicago, Illinois, Grupo MedLegal’s doctors and lawyers can work with you to file a benefits claim.

Types of Injuries Related with Stress on the Job

Stress affects the body in many ways. Some workers who face an extreme amount of stress may develop digestive problems, such as irritable bowel syndrome or intestinal ulcers. These conditions are painful, and often require extensive medical treatment.

Other workers may develop anxiety disorders or mental depression, which may require medication or psychotherapy.

Workers who experience a traumatic event at work may develop post-traumatic stress disorder, a severe mental illness that can persist for years.

Demonstrating that Work-Related Stress Caused your Injury

To make a claim for work-related stress injuries, you must demonstrate that the stress you suffered at work was greater than the stress of everyday life. Some people are more sensitive to stress than others, and an injured worker typically has to prove the job would be extraordinarily stressful for any worker; not just for himself or herself.

Some kinds of jobs are more stressful than others. Police officers and firefighters who work at a traumatic or unusually horrific event may suffer from post-traumatic stress syndrome, and usually it is easier to prove this kind of case. Additionally, workers who are in terrible work conditions are more favored for workers’ compensation claims. If your employer keeps an illegal, unhealthy or cruel environment, it may be easier to prove that your injury was caused by stress.

To win a workers’ compensation claim due to stress on the job, you must show a record of medical treatment. If you have not seen a doctor for your stress-related injuries, you will probably not be able to prove your case. If you have physical injuries caused by stress from work, it’s necessary to consult a doctor and/or a psychologist to receive treatment before making a claim.

Although workers’ compensation claims caused by stress on the job can be difficult to win, they are not impossible. With assistance from our medical and legal professionals, it can be demonstrated that your injury was caused by the stress of your job

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