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Wrongful Dismissal Cases in the U.S.

The United States is considered one of the countries with the best employment opportunities in the world with its many industries and large companies that develop first-class products and services. Additionally, over time, labor laws have become much more protective of employees, on top of the benefits and high salaries they can obtain. All of these provisions are found in the contract between the company or boss and the employee or worker. In the U.S., many contracts are “at-will,” in which the company or boss may dismiss the employee at any moment; however, there are certain exceptions in which the causes are considered “wrongful.” A wrongful dismissal occurs when a boss or company dismisses an employee or worker for unlawful reasons, which may be sexual harassment, contract violation, or any type of discrimination or reprisal. If the employee can prove that his or her dismissal occurred within the framework of these exceptions, he or she can make a compensation claim. Throughout Grupo MedLegal’s successful experience, we have documented some cases of this type:

On August 1, a construction worker in New Jersey fractured his ankle and injured his hip and knee when he slipped and fell while carrying a bucket of cement. He made a report and was sent to the doctor; however, he was dismissed when his employer realized that after three months of treatment, he had not completely recovered.

After 8 years of working as a machine operator in a New York factory, an employee developed multiple physical problems in his neck, arms, back, and leg, as well as continuous headaches due to noise. He reported his injuries, but instead of receiving treatment, was dismissed.

On November 22 in Los Angeles, while using a machine to grate potatoes, a kitchen assistant was injured when the machine cut the tip of his middle finger. He reported the accident and was sent to the doctor, who immediately released him to return to work, and his employer dismissed him the next day.

In the city of Chicago, while lifting a heavy box of beer, a cashier permanently injured the tendons in her right hand. Concerned about the negative attitude of her employer who tried to dismiss her when he saw that she was injured, she sought help.

In Milwaukee, Wisconsin, after working 8 months giving maintenance service 24 hours a day, a superintendent developed severe back pain. He reported his injury, but was ignored by his employer and terminated from his job.

All of these individuals trusted Grupo MedLegal and our experience with this type of case, and all received orientation from a lawyer specializing in wrongful dismissal in the U.S. and obtained compensation. Don’t hesitate to consult with us—it’s totally free and we are confident that we can guide you to the best solution for your case.

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