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Wrongful Termination Lawyers in New York

In New York City, dismissals are a daily occurrence. Since this is an at-will employment state, employers need no justification or reason to fire you. Employers think that this policy means their unfair actions will not have any repercussions or consequences. If you think you were dismissed unfairly or illegally, you will benefit greatly from a consultation with employment lawyers. One example of unfair dismissal is when the employer wants to avoid providing compensation for an accident. If you have had an accident, the employer is obligated by law to inform you of the correct procedure to follow for securing compensation.

On the surface, the procedure seems fairly simple. You should notify your employer within thirty days of your injury; visit a doctor to confirm that you have an injury; then obtain, complete, and submit the workers’ compensation Employee Claim form required by the state of New York; and wait a bit to receive your workers’ compensation benefits. Unfortunately, in most cases, it doesn’t happen that way. Employment laws can be complicated. The fastest and safest way to get your workers’ compensation benefits approved is to begin by consulting an employment lawyer.

Advantages of consulting an employment lawyer

  • Protect your right to make a claim: this is your first line of defense against unfair workplace practices.
  • Protect your job: employment or work laws defend you from unfair dismissal. Employment lawyers will make sure this doesn’t happen to you.
  • Increase your chances of receiving benefits: having lawyers at Grupo MedLegal to defend you makes others respect your rights.
  • You will recover all the benefits workers’ compensation offers you: our knowledge of employment law ensures that you will have the advantage of the greatest possible benefits.
  • You will be aided in making changes to your medical care if you are not satisfied: if you meet the requirements established by law, you have the right to request the best medical attention available.
  • Determine whether you can sue third parties: the greatest financial profits come from determining whether there is a third person (entity) at fault for your accident.
  • Obtain help with your appeal if your benefits have been denied: if you have had the misfortunate of having any of your benefits denied, a consultation with experts in employment law will guide you through a reexamination of your case.

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