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Car accidents

At Grupo MedLegal, we are committed to serving each of our clients in every single case that is brought to us. One of our specialties is car accidents. We have more than thirty years of experience and the best group of attorneys to represent you, always seeking the greatest possible financial remuneration. We have offices in California, Illinois, Wisconsin, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Florida.

A Car accident can be a situation beyond our control; these incidents alter both the natural flow of traffic and of our lives. The damages caused by this type of accident can include property damage, psychological effects, and personal injuries. In the United States alone, fifteen people die every day due to car accidents.

We can avoid some accidents by taking the necessary precautions, such as using a safety seatbelt and avoiding distractions while driving. In just the last year in the United States, 3,154 people died because they were distracted while driving.


If you have been in any type of vehicular accident and were injured, we recommend that you file a lawsuit with the help of a car accident lawyer so you can recover all that you are entitled to.

You have the right to be represented in court by a car accident attorney. By law, you have three years to file a suit in the case of a minor accident, and only two years if the accident is fatal. Keep in mind that if you do not bring the suit to court within the time established by law, you will lose the right to sue. Taking this legislation into consideration, Grupo MedLegal guarantees that regulations, limits, and deadlines established by law will be followed to the letter.

At Grupo MedLegal, we have the best doctors and lawyers specializing in auto accidents with more than thirty years of experience. Not only are we familiar with these procedures and processes, but we also have experience in legal reports and legal terminology; and most importantly, we are accustomed to testifying in court and defending each injured patient carefully and without undue complications.


If you need legal or medical assistance due to a car accident, we will give you the first legal consultation completely free. We will examine your case and answer any questions during the legal proceedings.

It’s worth mentioning that Grupo MedLegal only represents those who are harmed in an auto accident. We are aggressive in legally representing our clients, and we will not be stopped or intimidated by insurance companies.

What method do our car accident lawyers follow in their work?

The first step is to gather all information relevant to the case. This is the only way that we can identify what type of problem we have on our hands and how we will solve it. Once we identify the problem, we will assign an attorney, and keep you informed of each step of the process for your car accident case. Rest assured that we will answer any questions you may have. The information and legal assistance you need can be found on our web page. At Grupo MedLegal, we are experts in car accidents with over 30 years of experience. Whenever you have an accident, do not hesitate to call us at 1 800 838 3838. We offer legal consultation completely free, as well as medical care that meets your needs. Contact us right away, and we will represent you with responsibility and professionalism. No matter what your legal status is in the United States, we can solve any car accident case for you.

If you need medical attention and free legal advice, sign up here or call now at 1 800 838 3838.

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