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Motorcycle accidents

The use of the motorcycle as a means of transportation has grown notably, not only in the United States, but around the world. It’s because of this growth that we must take measures to ensure safety and avoid accidents. In 2014 alone, 4,586 people died in motorcycle accidents.

The popularity of this means of transportation has grown because of several factors: first, the use of the motorcycle is an effective solution for traffic congestion, and it’s much easier to park. On the other hand, we cannot forget how much fuel is saved by these types of motors– their efficiency is easy on the wallet, and that without counting the savings represented compared to purchasing a car.

One of the reasons for fatalities among motorcyclists is due to the motorcycle itself, which offers no protection in the case of an accident. A motorcycle driver has no frame, no restraint system, and no airbag to save the driver at the time of an accident. This means of transportation provides little safety to the motorcyclist.

For this reason, we should follow all the safety guidelines possible, reducing the possibility of a fatal accident. The use of a safety helmet is essential. This accessory, which prevents fatal injury over 40% of the time, cannot be spared. It’s important to promote roadway safety for all motorcyclists: driving responsibly, obtaining licenses properly, and using safety equipment at all times. Likewise, we should help vehicle drivers to develop respect for motorcyclists and share the roadway. It’s important to learn to share the roadway in cities, since urban areas are where the most accidents are reported each year.

A motorcycle accident can be out of our control since there are several factors that might lead to a problem on the roadway. The types of damages caused by these accidents include property damage, psychological effects, and personal injuries.

Motorcycle accidents can be fatal– most of these victims are between 17 and 35 years of age. This statistic shows that youth and behavior associated with a young age may be a risk factor for this type of accident. Alcohol is not a direct cause for this type of accident since one of the main symptoms of the influence of alcohol is the loss of balance. Because of this effect, people do not feel fit to drive a motorcycle when intoxicated.

If you have had a motorcycle accident or if you have an injury due to such an accident, you have the right to be represented in court by a specialized lawyer. You can recover the compensation you deserve. Grupo MedLegal guarantees that the process will be carried out with honesty and will always follow the guidelines and deadlines established by law.

At Grupo MedLegal, we have attorneys and doctors specializing in motorcycle accidents; our experience shows we are familiar with these types of procedures and processes. We know all about legal terminology and reports. Most importantly, our experience will help us to defend you in court.

Grupo MedLegal offers legal representation services in California; Illinois; Milwaukee, Wisconsin; New York; New Jersey; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; Atlanta, Georgia; and Florida. If you need medical help, we also offer treatment for any injuries you’ve gotten in a motorcycle accident. We work professionally and with the highest ethics with the goal of inspiring trust in our clients. If you need legal counsel, we will give it to you completely free of charge. We will review and solve your case. You can ask any questions you wish during the legal process, since our attorneys and doctors are always available to offer you the best service. Our greatest weapon is our dedication to clients. Remember that if you do not win, we will not charge: no excuses and no exceptions.


Our lawyers already have an established process. First, they will gather all information relevant to the case. This way, Grupo MedLegal can identify the type of problem, since each case is unique. After that, you will be assigned a specific, experienced lawyer to solve your case. Our client will always have the right to ask whatever he or she wishes about the case; you can rest easy that we will answer each question that comes up during the case proceedings.

We offer completely free legal and medical assistance. We have experience winning cases related to medical care, medication, and appointments. Do not wait any longer. Contact us, and we will represent you with responsibility and professionalism. Remember that no matter what your legal status is in the United States, we will solve any case related to motorcycle accidents.

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