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Dog bites

From the beginning of time, man has been in contact with animals; particularly with dogs. This animal is part of modern society, with dogs as pets in a great number of US households. Due to the lack of education on the proper care of animals, dog bites occur frequently, resulting in minor to severe injuries. Dog bites are common accidents, and they can cause communicable diseases such as rabies. Scars may require plastic surgery, and therapy may be needed for psychological trauma.

This type of injury can be taken before the law to secure financial remuneration, which includes treatment costs, medicines, orthopedic devices, doctor appointments, and operations. Dog-related accidents can be very expensive. However, the greatest risk in these cases is that most victims are children.

The law requires that any accident related to a dog be covered by the owner. Therefore, if a person has had an accident involving a dog, by law, he can sue or present a claim against the dog’s owner to secure financial compensation. The first thing that should be done is to contact the owner, immediately if possible. You can’t afford to let too much time go by, since this type of compensation has deadlines for when the case can be filed. Securing financial compensation for a dog bite requires a case strategy, since there are many cases of this type each year.

It is important for the victim to contact legal experts for help in resolving the case. If you wish to represent yourself before court in a dog bite case, you will most likely do it incorrectly for lack of information. At Grupo MedLegal, we have the best attorneys and medical specialists in dog bites. Our firm is backed by more than 30 years of experience. We will offer an evaluation of the client’s legal options and answer any questions he or she might have during the legal process.

Another way of bolstering the case is by reporting the dog bite to the health department right away. They will send an investigator, to whom the victim can be of help by answering any questions that arise about the case. The important thing in the investigation is to keep this type of animal away from children and adults. The dog in question will also receive care and attention, as well as an evaluation to determine whether it should be returned to society. If a question arises over this process, our lawyers can advise you at the time of the accident. Before contacting any company or association, talk to an attorney experienced in dog bite cases. It would be a mistake to try to represent yourself: you need assistance of the highest quality.

Just in the last year in the United States, nearly 4 million people had an accident involving a dog bite. One of the most serious cases of dog bites involves broken tendons or ligaments. Many of these cases should be treated by a plastic surgeon and may require physical therapy. There are also cases of fractures, infection, and even dismemberment.

It’s important for dog owners to train and take care of their pets, and if an accident occurs involving them, to respond in the best way possible, always helping to try to solve the problem. Preventing this type of accident is very simple, but carelessness, as previously mentioned, can have very serious consequences to victims’ health.

Parents can take preventative measures by explaining the risks to their children: “What could happen if I put my hand through the fence and there’s a dog?” Or, “Is it a good idea to approach a dog without knowing whether it’s aggressive?” The most important safety measure is to never leave children unsupervised. When we are present, we can avoid dog bites or help in a dangerous situation.

If you have a friend or family member who has had a dog-related accident, you can contact Grupo MedLegal through our application. There you can report the dog bite incident, and a lawyer will be assigned to the case to defend you as you deserve. By the same token, the medical expenses will all be covered.

Grupo MedLegal is a firm of attorneys and doctors available to assist you. We can be contacted at any time you need assistance. We are located in various regions of the US, including California; Illinois; Milwaukee, Wisconsin; New York; New Jersey; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; Atlanta, Georgia; and Florida. Not only do we handle dog bite accidents, but we are experts in workers’ compensation and personal injuries. We are marked by professionalism and ethical work practices. Your case is safe with us. Grupo MedLegal will never share your information. Our goal is to establish a lasting relationship with our clients, no matter what their immigration status may be.

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