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Accidents in public places

One of the most common situations for securing financial compensation is an accident in a public place. In the United States, thousands of people are likely to be injured each year due to slips or falls or because of establishments that are not properly maintained. The law protects the victims of this type of accident. If you had such an accident, it’s essential that you contact a lawyer specializing in this area.

Accidents in public places can be very common. The responsibility lies with the owners of the property or commercial establishment. By law, they must have insurance coverage for any cases related to an accident in their facilities.

Likewise, if a person slips or has an accident due to streets, sidewalks, or public places where he or she circulates being in poor condition, the victim may qualify to request compensation. It is the government’s responsibility to keep these spaces free of danger. Therefore, if a person has an accident in a public place, the best thing to do is to contact Grupo MedLegal. We have more than 30 years of experience solving cases related to compensation for falls and other accidents in public places.

Anyone harmed in an accident resulting from poor maintenance has the right to file a lawsuit or claim against the responsible party. The victim can recover financial compensation for the harm suffered. At Grupo MedLegal, we have the best lawyers and doctors specializing in accidents in public places. In addition to providing free legal assistance, we secure the highest quality medical assistance. If a person has had a fracture, sprain, rupture, or any other type of injury, he or she can contact us and we will assign one of our specialists to the case.

The most common accidents in public places happen because of potholes, rubble, sidewalks in poor condition, slippery floors, or pavement in poor condition; in addition, accidents can be caused by slippery substances such as soap, grease, water, oil, or even food spilled on the floor. Accidents also frequently occur in construction zones, gardens, parks, and shopping malls.

The lack of proper safety signs or security fences can lead to accidents and unnecessary costs. As business owners, we should train our employees well, thus avoiding accidents in our businesses or workplaces. Likewise, it’s advisable to warn people that certain places are dangerous and to take precautions when moving around those areas. We cannot assume that people will realize on their own; we should go beyond the bare minimum, using security measures to protect our business and our customers.

After an accident in a public place, the first thing you should do is to act quickly. If the negligence was caused by a third party, the deadline for filing a claim is only six months. That’s why the victim should contact a group of lawyers familiar with this area. With Grupo MedLegal, you can present a strong, convincing case. This is the only way you will be able to recover your health completely and receive maximum financial compensation.

At Grupo MedLegal, we help our clients secure compensation for harm or losses experienced in a public place. Our successful cases and satisfied clients validate our claim to be your best option. We are marked by professionalism and ethical work practices. Our doctors and lawyers are highly qualified and will answer any questions that arise during each case.

Accidents in public places should not be taken lightly. In the United states alone, more than a million people suffer this type of accident every year. Victims of this type of injury can be compensated for specialized medical care, physical therapy, lost salary, and surgery. Our client could receive special care and medication for life if the accident leaves the victim disabled.

At Grupo MedLegal, we guarantee excellent support and personalized and confidential assistance. Our goal is to form a relationship of trust with our clients.

We offer completely free advice 24 hours a day from the best experts, as well as free medical care. We have offices in various regions of the US: California; Illinois; Milwaukee, Wisconsin; New York; New Jersey; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; Atlanta, Georgia; and Florida. Our firm is backed by excellent specialist lawyers in cases of workers’ compensation and accidents in public places. If you or a family member has had an accident in a public place, do not hesitate to contact us. We will give you legal consultation free of cost. Remember that if you do not win, we will not charge: no excuses and no exceptions.

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