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Injuries from Defective Products

In the United States, as elsewhere, there are many types of accidents. Each year, over 34 million people are injured by defective products or products in poor condition. Many different types of products can present a risk; from articles of clothing or fabric dye, to electric equipment, to tools and car parts. Another area of concern is introduced with exposure to old equipment and toxic substances.

When a person is injured from using a product in poor condition, it’s advisable to request quality legal assistance to stay informed of the requirements needed to file a defective product claim. Product liability law protects consumers through this type of claim. By law, anyone who has an accident because of a product in poor condition can take legal action to receive financial compensation and quality medical treatment. 

Product liability law holds responsible not only manufacturers and business owners but also distributors for compensating anyone who is injured by a product that is defective or malfunctions, resulting in injury to the consumer.

Cases for injury due to negligence by third parties can have various deadlines, depending on the state, but the maximum time that is normally allowed to begin legal action is six months. 

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