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Injuries from Toxic or Dangerous Jobs

There are many different types of chemicals and other materials in use in US businesses and factories. Some of these materials are considered hazardous for humans and the environment. Frequently, chemicals that were permitted in the past have proven to be toxic for those who are in constant contact with them. Materials that present a health risk can be found in our homes or workplace. The biggest problem is that we are unaware of the risks involved in their use.

Exposure to these hazardous or toxic substances is one of the biggest risks for workers. Two variables are used to describe the extent of the injury. The first is the concentration or contamination level. The second variable is the amount of time for which the worker was exposed to the contaminant. Toxic substances have three types of properties that can harm people or the environment: chemical, toxicological, and physicochemical properties. Workers who are injured due to any of these properties can receive workers’ compensation.

There are two main types of injuries from working with toxic substances:
  • Workplace injury: one-time significant exposure
  • Occupational disease: any injury caused by exposure over time

Both types of injury mentioned above can be awarded worker’s compensation in court, but these cases involve a complicated process, with strict deadlines and submission requirements. Representing yourself in court is difficult. It’s best to find a lawyer who specializes in injuries from toxic or dangerous jobs. If a person has had this type of injury, we will not only assign legal counsel but also offer high-quality medical care. After an accident, it’s essential to keep deadlines in mind when making workers’ compensation claims. The first step our lawyers take is to gather all information required to prepare the case. The worker has the right to ask any questions that come up along the way. Our attorneys are professionals and will be glad to answer any questions you have.

  • Any delay in the legal process can make things worse for you physically and for your case. Remember that chemicals can produce secondary biological effects. These effects can appear or become more intense if you allow time to pass. The phases that follow exposure to toxic materials include absorption, distribution, biotransformation (or metabolism), and lastly, excretion of the substance. On the legal side, your claim will not be accepted if you allow too much time to go by before reporting the incident. Therefore, it is advisable to seek quality medical and legal assistance for your case. Do not hesitate to contact us. We will give you a medical consultation completely free of charge.

We must try to prevent or diminish the risks of coming into contact with dangerous substances. If a worker is using a toxic substance that can be replaced, it’s in his best interest to find a safer substance or use it to a lesser extent. Another means of prevention is to choose the highest quality work equipment so that he or she will always be protected in the case of a toxic accident. Finally, it’s extremely important for all employees to be familiar with the steps to follow in an emergency, as well as safety guidelines for handling dangerous substances.

Workers are exposed to many different types of substances that can cause injuries. In fact, this type of injury is very common in the United States. However, many workers do not know their rights or how to go about claiming financial compensation.

Grupo MedLegal is the best option for a worker who has had an accident with chemicals or another substance that caused temporary or permanent damage. It doesn’t matter if the accident happened at home or at work: we will guide you through the steps you should take. Remember that your legal status does not enter the situation; even if you do not have proper documents, you still have worker’s rights and can claim financial compensation. Grupo MedLegal will aid in recovering the workers’ compensation benefits that you are entitled to.

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