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Repetitive Work Injuries

Daily work activities can often lead to injuries, and not necessarily due to an accident. Repetitive work can cause progressive conditions which are debilitating; sometimes even causing complete loss of mobility. That’s why these injuries require medical care: they can be degenerative if you let too much time go by. If you suffer from a repetitive work injury, it’s advisable to seek professional help. Grupo MedLegal® connects consumers with participating lawyers and doctors for free.

In the United States, repetitive work injuries are covered by workers’ compensation law.

Another way in which repetitive work can hurt employees is through stress. Constantly repeating the same movements every day can cause workplace stress. This can be a debilitating malady, sometimes causing progressive pain or stress attacks. What the worker needs is expert medical assistance and a lawyer to protect his or her legal interests. 

Repetitive work can cause:

Serious injuries. This type of injury prevents the employee from performing his or her job correctly. Workers with injuries at this level may experience pain in other parts of the body which take over the function of the area damaged by repetitive work. Serious injuries are usually the result of performing a particular series of movements over a long period of time.

These injuries usually affect muscles, nerves, joints, and bones. Do not ignore symptoms such as stress, muscle fatigue, and excessive strain since they can alert you to the presence of a degenerative repetitive work injury.

Other ways to prevent repetitive work injuries include the following:

If you experience back pain, inflammation, or any swelling, the best thing to do, first of all, is to consider the way you do your job. You should avoid any uncomfortable posture or unusual positions as you carry out your work activities. Avoid lengthy exertion, saving your energy for particularly difficult work tasks. Make use of any equipment and tools that are required for carrying out your work tasks, and keep up regular medical examinations.

If you realize you are experiencing discomfort because of repetitive work, Grupo MedLegal® connects consumers with participating lawyers and doctors for free.

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