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Grupo MedLegal connects consumers with participating lawyers and/or doctors and in no case provides legal or medical advice nor does it intend to be a law firm, lawyer referral service or medical provider.

Work Accidents

There are different types of work accidents, and they could be temporary or permanent. The most common work accident is various types of cuts, whether because of overworking or due to carrying out a specific task. Another common type of accident is slips and falls. It doesn’t matter if you fell inside or outside of the business; if the accident happened during work hours, you can be financially compensated. If you have suffered an amputation because of your work, you can receive a permanent settlement, depending on the particular case. Another type of accident that the insurance policy covers in full is burns. Finally, if any of your bones has been broken or if you have permanent discomfort in some part of your body, you can receive therapy to help you fully recover. You can receive different types of compensation depending on whether the accident is minor or resulting in permanent pain.

Grupo MedLegal has the experience needed to solve any type of accident that happens during work hours. We have the best team of attorneys; they will advise you and answer any questions you have if you have had an accident at work. We are experts in workers’ compensation. In the United States, you have rights regardless of your immigration status. We have offices in California; Illinois; Milwaukee, Wisconsin; New York; New Jersey; and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

If you want to represent yourself in court, you will face many complications. It’s much better to seek the help of an expert. Our attorneys are professional and ethical in their work practices. They are always willing to offer you the highest possible quality of service, with the goal of creating a long-term relationship with our clients.

The main role of an attorney at Grupo MedLegal is to gather all the information for a particular case. Once we are sure of the information, we define the type of case we’re handling and we pass it on to the area specializing in that type of case. Now that you are familiar with the whole process, if you have a question about your case, you can contact us through our website, www.grupomedlegal.com, or you can check our FAQ section.

Any worker who has an accident can be granted benefits. It doesn’t matter who caused the accident: by law, you deserve benefits. However, there are some legal restrictions. The first restriction is if you were to have an accident after being warned. For example, if you were under the influence of alcohol and were told that a product or piece of equipment must be handled carefully, you wouldn’t qualify for compensation for an accident. Restrictions also apply if you did not use safety equipment in a situation where you were responsible to do so under company guidelines. Workers’ compensation benefits would not apply in any of these cases.

If you are applying for workers’ compensation for an accident, there is one requirement that you absolutely must fulfill by law: the accident must have taken place at work or on the way to work. If this is the case, Grupo MedLegal will not only assign you a lawyer specializing in work-related accidents but will also offer you high-quality medical assistance.

At Grupo MedLegal, we are committed to protecting workers’ rights. Each case is unique, and we treat it individually. Our team of lawyers and doctors are specialists in workers’compensation and workplace accidents. The U.S. Latino community recognizes us as the leading firm in legal and medical matters, and we proudly serve both Latinos and English-speaking clients.

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Grupo MedLegal©️ connects consumers with participating lawyers and/or doctors and, in no case, provides legal or medical advice, nor does it intend to be a law firm, lawyer referral service, or medical provider. Specifically, in California, we connect clients with participating chiropractors who connect clients to lawyers for free to help with your case.