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Workplace Deaths

Many US workers risk their lives every day, leaving their families at home with the hope of earning something to make ends meet. Unfortunately, in 2013, over 4,500 workers in the US lost their lives on the job. If you have a family member or loved one who lost his or her life at work, Grupo MedLegal® connects consumers with participating lawyers and doctors for free.

Our participating attorneys will make sure the family members receive financial compensation.

Risks are always close at hand for workers in areas such as construction, landscaping, factories, and corporations. Add to that the lack of proper safety measures and appropriate tools needed for the jobs that our family members carry out every day. 

Millions of workers risk their lives to earn a place in society and put food on the table. The number of workplace deaths has steadily increased year by year since those recorded in 2010. Workers continue to accept jobs they are not familiar with, or for which the employer did not previously train them. Consequently, fatalities increase every year.

If you know someone who has suffered the tragedy of workplace fatality, remember that the family, including underage children, should receive workers’ compensation payment. Every company must have an insurance policy covering their workers in the case of an accident, injury, or death on the job. By law, no business can operate without insurance. 

When a family member passes away from an accident on the job, the family will be completely reimbursed by workers’ compensation. 

The law dictates that those who lose a family member in a work accident will be remunerated to help supply the needs that would have been met by the lost loved one, up to one hundred percent. This means that the family will receive a payment that allows them to continue with their lifestyle prior to the family member’s death in a workplace accident. 

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