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How to Make a Claim for an Accident with a Commercial Vehicle in New York

Differences Between Personal and Commercial Auto Insurance Policies

Personal insurance policies are more economical for the consumer because insurance companies estimate that a personal vehicle is less likely to be involved in an accident than a commercial vehicle. Additionally, statistics demonstrate that in an accident where a commercial vehicle is involved, the damages are substantially greater and in many cases catastrophic. Therefore, personal auto insurance policies usually have a monetary coverage amount that is much smaller than commercial vehicle policies.

Who Needs to Have Commercial Vehicle Insurance?

  1. People who use their personal vehicle for commercial purposes. An example of this is when people work for a few hours a day delivering pizzas to homes or driving people to different places as a job.
  2. People who drive a commercial vehicle.
  3. People who use their personal vehicle to transport heavy equipment.
  4. People who use their personal vehicle to transport flammable and dangerous materials.
  5. Companies that employ drivers and vehicles for any use.

Differences in Accident Claims for Personal Use and Commercial Vehicles

When you are the victim of an accident with a personal vehicle, usually the driver of the vehicle and owner of the policy, if not the same as the driver, are named on the claim. When this same accident occurs with a commercial vehicle, the claim includes more people and entities. In these cases the driver of the vehicle is named, the company for which he or she works is named as well as other entities such as the company responsible for maintaining the vehicle, among others. In these cases, and due to the amount of entities that are sued, the chances of receiving a greater remuneration are substantial.

Standard by Which Companies and Drivers Operating Commercial Vehicles Are Measured by Law

The Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance has several programs and suggestions that assist companies in training their commercial vehicle drivers. Many of these programs exist in the state of New York. Companies that employ commercial vehicles have the responsibility to maintain their vehicles with a safety standard required by law. Vehicles should be periodically maintained. Before hiring drivers, these companies must check the drivers record to determine if he or she has a good driving history. In addition, they must require their drivers to take accident prevention and safe driving courses.

Complexity of Filing a Lawsuit When a Commercial Vehicle Is Involved

In claims cases with commercial vehicles, the steps to follow immediately after the accident are very important. If you have suffered an accident in the state of New York, our team from Grupo MedLegal encourages you to contact us immediately after an accident, but above all, if that accident occurred with a commercial vehicle. The law of the State of New York permits us to file a lawsuit and request all files pertaining to the vehicle maintenance, driving history of the driver, and driving courses to which they have been sent, among other things.  If this action Is not taken immediately, these files may disappear or be destroyed by the company.

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