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What time of year do most car accidents occur in the United States?

Get to know the days when there are more accidents in the streets and highways

The holiday season and long weekends bring more cars to the streets and highways of the country. People seek to get out of the grueling routine and visit different places to rest and relax with family or friends.

With increasing traffic, the possibility of accidents increases as well, and according to information published by the financial firm ValuePenguin, the dates of the year in which most fatal car accidents take place are:

1. New Year
2. Easter
3. Memorial Day (last Monday of May)
4. Independence Day (July 4th)
5. Labor Day (First Monday of September)
6. Thanksgiving Day (third Thursday of November)

To avoid car accidents we share the recommendations of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA): to drive during the winter and to drive during the summer

Other important suggestions to drive safely are the following:

  1. Avoid distractions: Distraction has become one of the leading causes of accidents in the United States. It is therefore important that when driving you have full attention on the steering wheel and on the road you are traveling, as well as avoid using your cell phone to call or send messages to family, friends or acquaintances.
  2. Avoid the use of alcohol or drugs: The consumption of alcoholic beverages distorts people’s judgment and affects the senses. For example, our reflexes get lethargic and our reactions tend to be slower in an emergency. The consumption of alcohol and drugs can also cause drowsiness while driving.
  3. Keep your eyes moving: It is important not only to be aware of the traffic that is in front, but to use the side mirrors of the car to know with certainty when it is safer to change lanes or move.
  4. Follow the traffic signs: The signs are made to help drivers and pedestrians navigate streets and highways safely. That is why traffic lights must be respected and sign instructions followed.
  5. Avoid driving at night or in bad weather: Visibility becomes more complicated at night. That is why you should be much more alert when driving. There are people who, being tired, do not react quickly in an emergency, and this causes accidents. The same happens when driving with rain, wind or snow. That’s why you should turn on the front lights of the car to be seen by other drivers and keep the windshields running when it rains or snows, as well as slow down and increase the distance between cars.
  6. Use the appropriate speed: Excess speed is one of the main factors causing accidents, so it is a priority not to exceed the speed limits allowed in the areas through which you pass. It is also convenient to learn the suggested speed according to the variety of possible driving environments.
  7. Read the prevention signs: The signs on the streets or highways are used to anticipate circumstances or events that could be found along the way.
  8. Use the signaling of your car: It is always important to use the lights, horn and directional correctly to communicate the movements that will be made to other drivers, and thus prevent any mishap.
  9. Use safety belt: This is a protection that should always be placed on a car. Statistics from the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA) reveal that the risk of serious injury and fatality is reduced by 50 percent due to the use of a belt.
  10. Keep your car in good condition: It is important that the car works optimally. You have to take it to your periodic reviews, and in case of any failure or deterioration, take it to the appropriate service to fix it.

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