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Grupo MedLegal® > What US states issue ID’s for undocumented immigrants?

What US states issue ID’s for undocumented immigrants?

There are several cities in the US that grant municipal identification cards to residents, including people who have no legal immigration status and are undocumented.

The names of the cards and the cities issuing them are the following:

The card was originally designed to protect the approximately 10,000 to 15,000 undocumented immigrants in New Haven from robberies or assaults. All city residents can receive the card, and it serves as a form of identification, as a debit card with $ 150 capacity, as card for the library, and to pay for parking meters. The Elm City Resident Card was first issued in July 2007 and was the first municipal identification cards issued in the United States.
Learn more about this card!

Photo identification card for New York residents who are at least 14 years old. This card connects the inhabitants with services, programs and benefits, regardless of their immigration status, state of indigence or gender identity.
Veterans can also apply for the IDNYC card with special veteran status granting them exclusive benefits.

Learn more about the IDNYC. Click here!

The IDNYC can be requested online or be processed personally. More information!

AB 60 Driver’s License – LOS ANGELES (CALIFORNIA)
The AB 60 Act (Chapter 524, Statutes of 2013) allows an original driver’s license to be issued to an applicant who can not present satisfactory proof of legal residence in the United States, and this serves as identification in the country.
Applicants for the license must meet all other requirements to obtain it, such as proof of identity and residency in California, among others. These are the requirements!

The HartfordCity ID is a card available to all residents of the City of Hartford, regardless of immigration status. To obtain it, people must submit their application in the CITY ID Enrollment Center and bring documents proving their identity and residence in Hartford. More information!

The City of Newark Identification Card is a card that can be processed by city residents over 14 years old, regardless of their immigration status. This document is valid to open bank accounts, be used in the library, to access services in health ,and welfare centers, among others, and to obtain discounts on medicines, cinemas, memberships and more products or services. Learn about it!

As of Monday, April 30, 2018, all city residents , including undocumented persons can apply to obtain the CityKey.

Learn more about the benefits of CityKey. Click here!

This will serve as identification, to access different services such as libraries, payment of the public transport system, among others. You will be able to get discount in theaters, museums, restaurants, and gyms. More information!

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