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Car Accident Testimonials And Successful Cases

Alcohol-Related Accidents

In San Francisco, California, a drunk driver fell asleep at a stop sign and hit the vehicle ahead of him. The person affected reported it to the police, who came right away. The victim received medical assistance, and the driver who was responsible for the accident assumed the cost of the damages.

Car Accidents

In Milwaukee, Wisconsin, a driver lost control while in a curve and hit two other vehicles, causing minor injuries to the other people involved. The problem was solved without major incident.

Bicycle Accidents

In Los Angeles, California, a woman riding her bicycle was hit by a careless driver and suffered severe injuries. She was hurled through the air by the vehicle, which caused head trauma and a fracture to her right shoulder. The victim contacted us and we connected her to our participant doctors who helped her to receive immediate medical attention. Shortly afterward, she received a visit from our participant lawyer who helped her win her case and receive financial remuneration.

Motorcycle Accidents

In the state of New Jersey, a motorcyclist suffered an accident in which he was thrown from his motorcycle. The responsible party refused to cover the damages and the victim sought assistance. A short time later, the case was resolved, with a monetary compensation for the injured party.

Pedestrian Accidents

In 2011 in New York City, a driver inadvertently made an illegal turn. Unfortunately, the driver hit a child in the process and fled the scene. The child’s father reported the accident, contacted us, and we connected him with our participant doctors for immediate assistance; an ambulance transported the minor and he underwent emergency surgery.  Besides receiving all medical care at no charge, the child also obtained financial remuneration to continue with his recovery.

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