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Personal Injury Successful Cases

In the United States, more than 33 million people each year suffer some sort of injury, whether it be physical or mental. Every person has the right to receive monetary compensation if they suffer some type of fall, slip, or dog bite in a public place, or any type of emotional injury. Although this type of accident can seem common, creating a liability claim is rather complex, and we always recommend seeking specialized legal assistance for these situations.

Throughout our 30 years of experience, we have resolved many cases for clients seeking compensation. Some examples are as follows:

Injuries and Falls

In 2012 in Philadelphia, a woman who was visiting a shopping center slipped due to a freshly mopped floor with no warning sign. The victim suffered a fractured pelvis and injured her elbow; she reported the accident immediately and was transported by ambulance. One of our attorneys assisted the client every step of the way and she was provided medical attention, which was covered by the establishment. Rehabilitation therapy was also approved for her so she could achieve complete recovery.

Dog Bite

In Santa Monica, California, in 2015, a boy was playing around a fence and went in and out through the slats several times near a pit bull. Suddenly, the dog attacked the child, wounding his leg and tearing part of the muscle. Immediately, the boy’s father called an ambulance and called the animal control department. The boy received care and with our assistance achieved medical and legal attention; guaranteeing financial remuneration.

Accidents in Public Places

If you have a similar problem or if you suffered some type of personal injury, don’t hesitate to contact Grupo MedLegal. We will assist you to the best of our ability, and remember that unless we win, we don’t charge: no excuses and no exceptions. Our commitment to professionalism and client service means that we are happy to help you with whatever problem you have.

Remember that your immigration status is not a factor; we can defend you even if you are not a US resident. Our attorneys have the experience necessary to assist you and guide you through the process of making a claim. Every company has required insurance that covers any mishap inside its facilities. We do not fight the company for your remuneration; we fight the insurance company. At Grupo MedLegal we have experts who know the processes and timelines perfectly.

Our team will create a working strategy that will resolve your injury and cover all medical treatment you need; be it prescriptions, consultations, supportive devices, surgeries, and any other extra cost required for you to completely recover.

If you have a case related to personal injury and you are looking for guaranteed financial remuneration, don’t hesitate to contact us. Our attorneys are available to serve you. We offer legal counsel in major cities in California, Illinois, Wisconsin, New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Georgia, and Florida. Get in touch with us through our website, by phone, or through our social media sites. Our operators are standing by to help you whenever you need assistance.

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