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Physical and psychological damage in a hostile work environment

  • Location: New York, New York.
  • Type of Accident: Work accident and workers’ compensation
  • Accident Subtype: Workplace Harassment
  • Legal Benefit: Free matching service with lawyers to request compensation for disability due to harassment at work and burn injury.
  • Medical Benefit: Free matching service with specialized doctors to treat psychological disorders, depression, anxiety, and physical burn injuries.

Case description:

A 25-year-old woman, undocumented, and single mother of 2 children in elementary school, was being mobbed by a coworker. This situation caused depression and anxiety, leaving her without strength to work, which in turn affected her productivity. The woman suffered form  back and hip pains, and had panic attacks. One day, the coworker who was mobbing her pushed her, and accidentally the young woman put her hand in a fryer, which caused a 2nd degree burn on her arm. The young woman called Grupo MedLegal’s lawyers to open a claim. She obtained disability, earned her workers’ compensation and payment for medical treatment.

Despair, when you feel there is no way out

Anyone can have the misfortune to work in a place where there is someone who makes their life impossible and suffer from “mobbing”, discrimination or harassment.

This harassment can occur physically, sexually or verbally and  can often leave sequels in the affected person over time, leading to depression, anxiety and even to physical problems caused by stress.

Generally speaking, victims are easy targets for the “abuser” for different reasons, such as being undocumented, not having enough studies, strong need for employment, among others. Therefore, they tolerate harassment for a long time.

This was the situation of our client, who at only 25 years old , she was a single mother of two children attending elementary school, and did not have papers to work in the United States. She did not have the support of relatives, nor did she receive support or help from her ex-husband. Her job was the only way to cover her expenses and those of her family. In addition, she had to demonstrate to social that she could support her children or she could lose the custody of her children.

The young woman worked more than the others doing an excellent job. Her supervisor praised her for it, causing the envy of one of her coworkers, who began to harass her.

The workplace harassment she suffered caused her psychological damage.

She was afraid to go to work and the stress caused her pain in the body and she could not sleep either.

A 911 emergency call changes her Life

One day while the young woman was working, the “harasser” pushed her causing her to put her hand to a fryer with boiling oil. Immediately, the young woman cried out in pain and the supervisor who was passing by, listened to her and ran to see what was happening. The woman, who was crying anxiously, told him what her coworker has been doing to her all this time. Meanwhile, the other coworkers, who saw the whole scene, called 911.

Specialized assistance thanks to GML

The young woman was assisted quickly, she was given immediate disability thanks to the doctors at MedLegal Group, and obtained special care due to the burns. Little by little, he recovered both her physical and her psychological injuries. In addition, the supervisor dismissed the woman who caused the accident, and even a restraining order was imposed on him to stay away from her.

The lawyers of Grupo MedLegal filed a claim for the affected woman to receive financial compensation, while she could not return to her job and she obtained it.

That’s why it’s important not to be afraid and report workplace accidents!

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