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Workers’ Compensation Testimonials and Successful Cases

Every company in the United States is required to maintain an insurance policy that will protect its employees in any accident that may occur. By law, all employees are entitled to monetary compensation in the event of a workplace accident. It doesn’t matter if it is a minor injury or just a physical discomfort; it’s vital that any irregularity you feel be reported. It’s important for the person affected to contact an attorney who can give instructions for the insurance claim process.

If you are a worker, responsibility for the accident may fall on you, but that doesn’t matter. If the incident happened during work hours, you have workers’ insurance which protects you. Don’t hesitate to contact Grupo MedLegal and we will answer any questions you may have. Insurers impose time limits for reporting accidents or injuries, so don’t wait any longer.

Representing yourself in court would be a serious mistake. The best thing to do is to hire someone you can trust who has the necessary experience. Workers’ compensation cases can be decided by the Appeals Council by a workers’ compensation judge.

If regulations are met, the worker may receive not only financial compensation, but may also be entitled to receive disability from work and total coverage of expenses resulting from the accident, such as doctor visits, medications, and surgeries of any kind. Remember that each state has its own standards and regulations.

Throughout our experience, we have represented successful workers’ compensation cases. Some examples of these are:

Accidents with Work Machinery

In Milwaukee, Wisconsin, on February 26, 2013, while cutting some cables, a demolition worker injured his right eye and nose when the cables he was cutting swung back and hit his face. He immediately reported the injury and contracted our services. We provided him with legal representation and free medical treatment to recover from his physical injuries.

Deaths in the Workplace

On May 19, 2010, a machine operator was working on a construction site. At an adjacent lot, a crane detached from its base and fell on top of the worker. Unfortunately, the worker passed away and the distressed family decided to seek legal aid. The case was successfully represented, achieving a workers’ compensation payment for the victim’s family, as well as the assurance of being able to continue with the lifestyle they had prior to this terrible accident.

Slips and Falls in the Workplace

On March 11, 2015, a fumigation worker in Chicago injured his hand, wrist, arm, and left elbow upon slipping on oil and falling at one of the sites where his services had been contracted. He reported his accident and was sent to the doctor, but after two months of treatment without seeing any improvement, he decided to seek legal assistance. The case was handled professionally and with excellent client service, achieving the client’s complete satisfaction and recovery.

Workplace Harassment and Discrimination

In 2014, an undocumented worker was unfairly fired from the restaurant where he worked. He didn’t know anything about US law and thought that since he was not a resident, he could never obtain compensation. A short time later, he contacted us. We were able to prove that the dismissal was completely without justification; therefore, the worker received financial compensation.

Injuries from Toxic and Dangerous Jobs

On December 21, 2012, while cleaning with a very strong chemical, an employee from Los Angeles, California suffered severe burns on her right arm and hand. The lack of training and protection on the part of the company helped to make a case, achieving a financial payout and medical treatment at absolutely no charge.

Injuries from Noisy Jobs

After working as an operator at a New Jersey factory for three years, an employee began to develop significant ear problems and very intense headaches. She reported her problems, but her employer ignored her requests for treatment. She sought legal assistance and received a completely free doctor’s visit, as well as medications and workers’ compensation for the damage caused to her hearing.

With 3 decades of experience and 1 million cases resolved, Grupo MedLegal is known as the best legal and medical firm for the Latino community and also serves non-Latino clients. Our attorneys and physicians are experts in workers’ compensation cases. Their objective is to build a relationship of trust with the client and to seek client satisfaction, and they are always available to answer any question that may come up along the way. If you had a mishap while working, or some type of injury, do not hesitate to contact Grupo MedLegal and we will be happy to assist you.

If you are a worker and you suffered some type of accident while working and would like to successfully resolve your case like the ones above, you can contact us, and we will be glad to offer you the necessary counsel. You may use the contact form on our website, our telephone numbers, or contact us through our social media.

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