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Compensation Calculator

If you want to know what is the weekly monetary compensation you could receive, choose the option that best fits your case!

We will ask you for information about: Type of accident (Work, transit or personal injury), injured body parts and the State of the country where the accident happened.

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How is the compensation amount calculated?

This information is important to know, because it is the one that is taken into account for the calculation of workers’ compensation in the event of an accident at work.

1. How are compensation premiums calculated for workers?

The workers’ compensation insurance premiums are calculated pursuant to the classification of each employee (this is done according to the type of work performed). The rate is expressed in dollars and cents for every $100 in payroll by classification code. In most states, the National Compensation Insurance Council (NCCI) determines the classification rate and the experience modification factor (MOD).

2. Three are the elements that determine the compensation payment:

  • Size of the employer’s payroll.
  • Employee job classifications.
  • Claim history of the company.

3. This formula defines the worker’s compensation payment:

Payroll (for $100) X Classification rate X Experience modifier = Payment

4. How does the worker’s payroll affect the compensation they will receive?

The base of the workers’ compensation insurance premium for an employer is their payroll. For every $100 of your payroll, there is a specific rate, which is determined by the classification codes of your employees.

5. How does worker classification affect your insurance rate?

Companies are separated into groups according to the type of work they do. The classification system identifies what kind of work presents the most risk for employees who perform these tasks. For each employee classification, the business owner must pay a certain amount for workers’ compensation insurance based on each $100 payroll.

6. How does the experience modification factor affect the worker’s premium? 

The experience modifier, usually called MOD, is a numerical representation of the claim experience of the worker’s company. MODs are based on how the company compares with others in its industry with similarly ranked employees. An average MOD is set to 1.00. Employers with fewer accidents and less serious than the average have a MOD of less than 1.00.

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Weekly Compensation

In 2018 you could receive immediately a weekly compensation up to $1,460 in the state of California.

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